CubeServices Nanodisc Services

Nanodiscs provide an efficient method to stabilize membrane proteins for biophysical and biochemical assays, including cryo electron microscopy (cryo-EM). They provide a detergent-free, well-defined phospholipid environment with access to both the intra- and extracellular protein domains. Learn more about nanodiscs and their applications. Our services include a thorough discussion and counselling of your project to obtain optimal conditions to your protein of interest. Any service package can be booked on its own, or in conjunction with others. Learn more about our protein services.
Methods covered by our services:
  • Nanodisc stabilization from detergent-solubilized proteins - as part of an expression project
  • Integration of membrane proteins in cell-free reactions (A)
  • Integration of detergent-solubilized membrane proteins (B)
  • Direct solubilization from membranes (C)
  • Support of your in-house projects with nanodisc products
nano disc assenmbly
Schematic image of three ways to reconstitute proteins into nanodiscs. A: Assembled nanodiscs are added to a cell-free reaction. The nascent protein can insert spontaneously. B: Already solubilized, purified membrane protein (orange) is mixed with phospholipids (light gray), detergent (dark gray), and MSP protein (green). Upon detergent removal, the protein-nanodisc complex forms. C: Detergent and MSP are added to membranes expressing the protein of interest. A complex of membrane phospholipids, proteins, and MSP forms.