CubeServices Protein Crystallization

Cube Biotech Services for protein crystallization are open to any project, but our focus lies in applications for the demanding class of membrane proteins. Our service includes a thorough discussion and counselling of your project, so that the methods used provide optimal conditions to your protein of interest. Any service package can be booked on its own, or in conjunction with others. Learn more about our protein services here.
Our services include, but are not limited to:
  • Initial de novo crystallization of soluble and membrane proteins
  • Reproduction of established crystallization conditions
  • Optimization of crystallization hits
  • Cocrystallization with ligands or drug candidates
For fast crystallization success, we employ a range of crystallization methods such as:
  • Classical vapor diffusion in sitting and hanging drop
  • Classical LCP batch methods
  • Controlled in meso phase (CIMP), a combination of LCP & vapor diffusion methods