CubeServices Protein Specific Matrices

Protein-specific purification matrices

In contrast to affinity chromatography or classical purification methods, protein-specific purification matrices enrich a protein via a specific interacting molecule. This molecule can be the natural ligand, an interacting protein or peptide, or a chemically synthesized drug. Through this specific interaction, proteins can be purified to homogeneity, not only by removal of impurities, but also by enriching for a particular protein conformation, e.g. an active form, or, as in the case of GPCRs, the agonist or antagonist conformation.
Protein-specific matrices are produced in our laboratory in Germany using a toolbox of materials and methods developed by our expert team. Our services include the following steps, of which individual packages can be chosen depending on requirements:
Expert design of coupling chemistry, including advice on matrix material, linkers, or spacers
Sourcing or production of ligands if applicable
Production of a pilot batch of the chemical synthesis for testing
Evaluation of the pilot batch
Production of the optimized protein-specific interaction matrix in sufficient quantities for your experiments
Electronic documentation, dedicated protocols and instructions to maximize output and purity
Reliable and optionally exclusive sourcing of the optimized purification matrix for future experiments