July 2017 Rho1D4 & high-purity detergents: The complete solution for membrane proteins.

Rho1D4 & High-purity detergents - the complete solution for membrane proteins


Rho1D4: The perfect purification tag

For almost two decades, the 9-amino acid Rho1D4 affinity tag (TETSQVAPA) has been used with tremendous success. With a protein sequence derived from bovine rhodopsin, it enables purification of membrane proteins to high yields and purity on antibody-based matrices. 

Cube Biotech offers the entire Rho1D4 system for optimal performance:

Rho1D4 yield protein
Fig. 1: Purification of chemokine receptor 4 (CXCR4) using PureCube Rho1D4 Agarose. Total E.coli lysate (TL) was solubilized with Fos-Choline-14 and the soluble fraction (SF) was incubated on an immunoaffinity column loaded with rho1D4 antibody. Wash fractions (W1-W3) show no detectable loss of target protein. Concentration of eluted CXCR4 in elution fractions (E1-E4) ranged 0.6-1.0 mg/mL as determined spectrophotometrically.

High-purity Detergents
Unless you have reconstituted your membrane protein into nanodiscs or similar structures, detergents are required in every project. Careful choice of detergents can be crucial for success with membrane protein projects.
Cube Biotech offers a wide range of high-purity detergents to ensure you'll find the one that provides conditions where your protein is well-solubilized and active. To ensure purity and freshness, our detergents are provided in convenient aliquots.
Screening sets are perfect tools for quick assessment of optimal detergent type and concentration:
1 g each of
1 g each of