Placing an order - FAQ

How to place an order - FAQ

How can I place an order with Cube Biotech?
The easiest way to place an order is via our online shop.
Alternatively, you can provide the same information by:

All other countries



+1.484.368.3558 +49-2173-99373-99


+1.484.270.6557 +49-2173-99373-0
What information does Cube need to process my order?
  • Product: Catalog number, name, quantity
  • Contact person: name, phone number, email address
  • Delivery and billing address
  • VAT if applicable
  • Let us know if you wish to pay by credit card
How long does it take?
We usually have most products on stock, and you can get an idea about product availability if you look at our product details pages. If the status is "green" the product should be available and ship within the next days. For products on status "red", we can always provide an estimated delivery date if you contact us by phone or email.
I need a quote / I have a general question.
How can I pay?
There are two options:
- Invoice: We invoice you after the product has shipped.
- Credit card: We accept Visa and Mastercard credit cards. Please indicate that you would like to pay by credit card when placing your order. We will then call you to get the card details.
- Paypal: Login with your paypal account and pay immediately. 
Shipping cost vary by country. For dry ice shipments, additional charges apply. See the table below.
The "product details" field tells you if the product needs to be shipped on dry ice. Or just contact us.


Room temp / 4-10°C shipment

Dry ice shipment


Free of charge for orders 150 EUR or more.

Orders less than 150 EUR: 8 EUR.

25 EUR

UK & Ireland

35 EUR 90 EUR


40 EUR 90 EUR
Austria and BeNeLux 35 EUR 90 EUR

All other EU countries

35 EUR 90 EUR

US & Canada

45 USD 140 USD

Other countries worldwide

Please inquire Please inquire