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PureCube 100 INDIGO Ni-Agarose PureCube 100 INDIGO Ni-Agarose
Cube Biotech's exclusive INDIGO-Ni agarose resin for His Tag protein purification. Up to 100 mg protein / 1 ml resin.
Article number: 75103
Sales price: From €112.00 *
Rho1D4 peptide Rho1D4 peptide
Ultra-Pure Rho1D4 peptide. | For Rho1D4-tag protein elution from Rho1D4 agarose or MagBeads | Ready for your research.
Article number: 16201
Sales price: From €111.00 *
SMALP 30010S SMALP 30010S
Our SMALP polymer products are made to provide an easy way to stabilize and solubilize membrane proteins.
Article number: 18210
Sales price: From €185.00 *
Synthetic Nanodisc Screening Kit, (8x2x50 mg) Synthetic Nanodisc Screening Kit, (8x2x50 mg)
Not sure if SMA or DIBMA make the best nanodiscs for your protein? Why not try both!
Article number: 18290
Sales price: €320.00 *
PureCube Compact Cartridge PureCube Compact Cartridge
Our PureCube Compact Cartridge is designed to fit most commonly used FPLC machinery. Packing protocol included.
Article number: 16912
Sales price: From €24.00 *
PureCube 1-step batch Midi Plus PureCube 1-step batch Midi Plus
8 x 1-step batch spin columns for max. 20 mL volume
Article number: 63203
Sales price: From €49.00 *
Tube SARS CoV-2 full-length Spike B.1.1.7 Mutation
Full-Length & active spike protein of the SARS-COV-2 mutant strain B.1.351, also known as the "UK" mutant.
Article number: 28716
Sales price: From €229.00 *
PureCube Ni-NTA MagBeads PureCube Ni-NTA MagBeads
Ni-NTA magnetic beads for His Tag protein purification. Ø 30 µm bead diameter. Great protein yield. 25% settled beads!
Article number: 31201
Sales price: From €65.00 *
PureCube 100 Compact Cartridge Ni-INDIGO PureCube 100 Compact Cartridge Ni-INDIGO
Our exclusive & high quality INDIGO-Ni agarose resin pre-filled in COMPACT FPLC Cartridges / Columns for His-tagged proteins!
Article number: 75302
Sales price: From €52.00 *
PureCube Cartridge PureCube Cartridge
Our PureCube Cartridge without column. Insert your own matching column instead.
Article number: 16911
Sales price: From €24.00 *
PureCube Glutathione Agarose PureCube Glutathione Agarose
Cube Biotech offers PureCube GST agarose resin for the protein Purification of GST-tagged proteins | 10 mg protein / ml resin
Article number: 32103
Sales price: From €145.00 *
PureCube DIBMA by Cube-Biotech. For protein solubilization. | Amount = 10x50mg | Buffered in HEPES. | MW=10.000 g/mol
Article number: 18001
Sales price: From €185.00 *
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