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CubeCrystal 2-well MO Plates CubeCrystal 2-well MO Plates
Article number: 10101
PureCube Fe-NTA MagBeads PureCube Fe-NTA MagBeads
Article number: 31501-Fe
Rho1D4 peptide Rho1D4 peptide
Article number: 16201
PureCube Ni-NTA Agarose PureCube Ni-NTA Agarose
Article number: 31101
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PureCube HiCap StrepTactin MagBeads PureCube HiCap StrepTactin MagBeads
1 ml 5% High Capacity StrepTactin Magnetic Beads  
Article number: 34201
Sales price: From €76.00 *
PureCube Ni-NTA Mag Beads PureCube Ni-NTA Mag Beads
1 ml 25% NTA magnetic beads, loaded with nickel (II) sulfate
Article number: 31201
Sales price: From €61.00 *
Octylglucopyranoside (OG) Octylglucopyranoside (OG)
n-Octyl-beta-D-glucopyranoside >99,5% for crystallography
Article number: 16002
Sales price: From €137.00 *
n-Octyl-1-thio-beta-D-glucopyranoside (OTG) n-Octyl-1-thio-beta-D-glucopyranoside (OTG)
Looking for a detergent to solubilize an purify your membrane protein? Try out our ultra-pure detergents.
Article number: 16018
Sales price: From €141.00 *
MSP1E3D1, lyophilized protein MSP1E3D1, lyophilized protein
Membrane scaffold protein 1 E3D1, His-tag removed by protease digest. 2 mg lyophilized protein
Article number: 26162
Sales price: From €238.00 *
Nanodisc MSP1D1-His_DMPC (50 µL) Nanodisc MSP1D1-His_DMPC (50 µL)
50 microliter pre-assembled nanodisc, 0.5 mM concentrated, containing MSP1D1-His protein and DMPC. For use in cell-free reactions only. Product is shipped on dry ice - additional freight charges apply.  
Article number: 26311
Sales price: €402.00 *
mouse MSP1E3D1, lyophilized protein mouse MSP1E3D1, lyophilized protein
Membrane scaffolding protein MSP1E3D1 for nanodisc assembly. Creates scaffolding diameters of 12-14 nanometers. Lyophilized.
Article number: 26562
Sales price: From €259.00 *
PureCube Glutathione Cartridge PureCube Glutathione Cartridge
Cartridge for low pressure chromatography (FPLC), packed with 1 ml Glutathione Agarose
Article number: 32301
Sales price: From €39.00 *
PureCube Rho1D4 Agarose PureCube Rho1D4 Agarose
2 ml 50% Rho1D4 Agarose
Article number: 33101
Sales price: From €227.00 *
PureCube NHS Activated Agarose PureCube NHS Activated Agarose
2 ml 50% NHS-Activated Agarose, for direct coupling of biomolecules via amine groups For more information read here: https://cube-biotech.com/products/purification-resins/activated-resins/nhs-activated-agarose/#
Article number: 50303
Sales price: From €112.00 *
PureCube Epoxy Activated MagBeads PureCube Epoxy Activated MagBeads
Lyophilized resin for 1 ml 25% Epoxy activated Magnetic Beads suspension ►For coupling of biomolecules via amine or thiol groups
Article number: 50801
Sales price: From €95.00 *
PureCube Amine Activated MagBeads PureCube Amine Activated MagBeads
1 ml 25% Amine-Activated MagBeads, for coupling of biomolecules via carboxy groups using EDC/NHS
Article number: 50901
Sales price: From €97.00 *
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