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MSP1D1, lyophilized protein MSP1D1, lyophilized protein
Membrane scaffold protein (MSP)1D1, His-tag removed by proteolytic digest. 2 mg lyophilized protein
Article number: 26132
Sales price: From €283.00 *
PureCube Co-NTA MagBeads PureCube Co-NTA MagBeads
Cube Biotech Co-NTA magnetic beads for His-tag Protein Purification. | Best option for maximal purity for His-tagged protein.
Article number: 31501
Sales price: From €80.00 *
Rho1D4 antibody (0.2 mg) Rho1D4 antibody (0.2 mg)
For the detection of Rho1D4 tagged proteins on westernblots. Our Rho1D4 affinity antibody, from mouse!
Article number: 40020
Sales price: €324.00 *
Our SMALP polymer products are made to provide an easy way to stabilize and solubilize membrane proteins.
Article number: 18210
Sales price: From €209.00 *
MSP1E3D1, lyophilized protein MSP1E3D1, lyophilized protein
Membrane scaffold protein 1 E3D1, His-tag removed by protease digest. 2 mg lyophilized protein
Article number: 26162
Sales price: From €283.00 *
PureCube Glutathione MagBeads PureCube Glutathione MagBeads
Cube Biotech offers PureCube GST MagBeads for the protein purification of GST-tagged proteins | 10 mg protein / ml MagBeads
Article number: 32205
Sales price: From €59.00 *
PureCube Compact Cartridge Glutathione PureCube Compact Cartridge Glutathione
Cube Biotech offers GST-tag affinity columns for FPLC based affinity protein purification. Pre-packed COMPACT cartridges.
Article number: 32302
Sales price: From €48.00 *
PureCube INDIGO Ni-MagBeads PureCube INDIGO Ni-MagBeads
25% concentrated INDIGO-Ni agarose for His-tag protein purification. EDTA and DTT stable. ~100% purity for your His-tagged protein.
Article number: 75201
Sales price: From €81.00 *
AASTY Screening Kit Contents AASTY Screening Kit (6x2x50 mg)
Not sure which AASTY fits your membrane protein the best? Our AASTY Screening Kit exists to answer this question!
Article number: 18285
Sales price: €231.00 *
PureCube Compact Cartridge Ni-NTA PureCube Compact Cartridge Ni-NTA
Cube Biotech offers Cartridges / Columns for FPLC based His tag Protein Purification. Pre-Filled with Ni-NTA Agarose (40µm).
Article number: 31302
Sales price: From €41.00 *
PureCube NHS Activated Agarose PureCube NHS Activated Agarose
Ø 40µm high-quality NHS activated agarose resin beads for the coupling of biomolecules via exposed amine (NH2) groups.
Article number: 50303
Sales price: From €232.00 *
PureCube Cu-NTA Agarose PureCube Cu-NTA Agarose
For Copper-Binding and for His-tagged protein. | Cu-NTA agarose for high affinity and yield. | Suited of FPLC!
Article number: 31403-Cu
Sales price: From €125.00 *
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