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PureCube Epoxy Activated MagBeads PureCube Epoxy Activated MagBeads
25% Epoxy activated Magnetic Bead suspension ►For coupling of biomolecules via amine/thiol groups and protein purification
Article number: 50801
Sales price: From €99.00 *
PureCube 100 Compact Cartridge Ni-INDIGO PureCube 100 Compact Cartridge Ni-INDIGO
Our exclusive & high quality INDIGO-Ni agarose resin pre-filled in COMPACT FPLC Cartridges / Columns for His-tagged proteins!
Article number: 75302
Sales price: From €50.00 *
PureCube Cu-NTA MagBeads PureCube Cu-NTA MagBeads
For Copper-Binding and for His-tagged protein. | Cu-NTA agarose for highest protein yield of his tagged proteins.
Article number: 31501-Cu
Sales price: From €68.00 *
PureCube INDIGO Ni-MagBeads PureCube INDIGO Ni-MagBeads
25% concentrated INDIGO-Ni agarose for His-tag protein purification. EDTA and DTT stable. ~100% purity for your His-tagged protein.
Article number: 75201
Sales price: From €69.00 *
SPIKE in LMNG Mycelle, product image SARS CoV-2 spike protein in LMNG detergent
The surface protein SPIKE of SARS-CoV-2 stabilized in LMNG detergent mycelles. Full-Length and in native trimeric form!
Article number: 28702
Sales price: From €650.00 *
Cube MagBead Separator (1) Cube MagBead Separator (1)
1 Cube MagBead Separator, for 2 microtubes of 1.5 or 2 ml volume.
Article number: 16941
Sales price: From €63.00 *
PureCube IDA MagBeads PureCube IDA MagBeads
IDA agarose magnetic beads for your customized protein purification or enrichment. Create your desired magnetic beads.
Article number: 30801
Sales price: From €43.00 *
PureCube Co-NTA MagBeads PureCube Co-NTA MagBeads
Cube Biotech Co-NTA magnetic beads for His-tag Protein Purification. | Best option for maximal purity for His-tagged protein.
Article number: 31501
Sales price: From €68.00 *
PureCube Compact Cartridge Co-NTA PureCube Compact Cartridge Co-NTA
COMPACT Cartridges / Columns for FPLC based His-tag Protein Purification. Pre-Filled with Co-NTA Agarose (40µm).
Article number: 31602
Sales price: From €37.00 *
PureCube HiCap StrepTactin MagBeads PureCube HiCap StrepTactin MagBeads
StrepTactin ® Magnetic Beads for purification of proteins through the Strep®-tag. High affinity and protein yield.
Article number: 34201
Sales price: From €78.00 *
n-Decyl-beta-maltoside (DM) n-Decyl-beta-maltoside (DM)
n-Decyl-beta-maltoside >99,5% for crystallography
Article number: 16010
Sales price: From €243.00 *
Isopropyl beta-D-1-thiogalactopyranoside (IPTG) Isopropyl beta-D-1-thiogalactopyranoside (IPTG)
For lac-operon expression / repression removal | Dioxan-free | 99% pure | Improve your research now.
Article number: 16602
Sales price: From €72.00 *
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