Activated MagBeads

Activated Agaroses are available as off-the-shelf items in quantities from 10 mL to several liters. They can be used to couple molecules of your choice in your laboratory. Our careful in-house production provides low lot-to-lot variation, making activated agaroses also suitable for commercial production.

PureCube Activated MagBeads provide:

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Overview of our activated MagBeads and their respective chemistry coupling mechanisms

PureCube Activated MagBeadsCoupling ChemistryCoupling mechanism
Carboxy MagBeads EDC/NHS Covalent, via amine groups
NHS-activated MagBeads direct Fast and easy protocol Covalent, via amine groups Easy coupling of antibodies
Epoxy-activated MagBeads direct Coupling of thermostable proteins and small molecules via amine or thiol
Amine-activated MagBeads direct Covalent, via carboxy groups
Maleimide-activated MagBeads direct Covalent, via cysteine groups

Activated MagBeads from Cube Biotech were successfully used in the following publications and patents:

Purified SubstanceActivationYearAuthor
DNA Maleimide 2019 Toldrà A., Alcaraz C., Diogène J., O'Sullivan C.K., Campàs M.1
P2-GM1os Maleimide 2019 Mahon C.S., Wildsmith G. C., Haksar D., de Poel E., Beekman J.M., Pieters R.J., Webb M.E., Turnbill W.B.,2
Affimers, A11, B7, and G10 Maleimide 2018 Klont F., Hadderingh M., Horvatovich P., ten hacken N.H.T., Bischoff R.,3
Tetrodotoxins Maleimide 2018 Leonardo S., Kiparissis S., Rambla-Alegre M., Almarza S., Roque A., Andree K.B., Christidis A., Flores C., Caixach J., Campbell K., Elliot C.T., Aligizaki K., Diogène J., Campàs M.4
Cystein-SpyCatcher-Protein Maleimide 2018 Pröschel M.,5
DNA Maleimide 2018 Lamble H.J., Egan C., Lloyd D., Dunski E.,6


1. Toldrà, A. et al. (2019). Detection of Ostreopsis cf. ovata in environmental samples using an electrochemical DNA-based biosensor. Science of The Total Environment. doi:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2019.06.448
2. Mahon, C. et al. (2019). A “catch-and-release” receptor for the cholera toxin. Faraday Discussions. doi:10.1039/c9fd00017h
3. Klont, F. 1t al.(2018). Affimers as an Alternative to Antibodies in an Affinity LC–MS Assay for Quantification of the Soluble Receptor of Advanced Glycation End-Products (sRAGE) in Human Serum. Journal of Proteome Research, 17(8), 2892–2899. doi:10.1021/acs.jproteome.8b00414
4. Leonardo, S. et al. (2019). Detection of tetrodotoxins in juvenile pufferfish Lagocephalus sceleratus (Gmelin, 1789) from the North Aegean Sea (Greece) by an electrochemical magnetic bead-based immunosensing tool. Food Chemistry, 290, 255–262. doi:10.1016/j.foodchem.2019.03.148
5. Pröschel M. Identifizierung, Charakterisierung und Optimierung von neuen kovalenten Split-Isopeptid Systemen. Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU).
6. Lamble H.J., Egan C., Lloyd D., Dunski E., inventor; Sense Biodetection Limited, assignee. Nucleid Acid Detection Method. United States patent US2018/0216157. 2018 August 2.
Activated MagBeads
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PureCube NHS Activated MagBeads PureCube NHS Activated MagBeads
Protein purification ► NHS-Activated Magnetic Beads, for direct coupling of biomolecules via amine groups. ★25% conc.★
Article number: 50401
Sales price: From €110.00 *
PureCube Maleimide Activated MagBeads PureCube Maleimide Activated MagBeads
1 ml 25% Maleimide-Activated MagBeads, for direct, irreversible coupling of biomolecules via thiol groups  
Article number: 51201
Sales price: From €138.00 *
PureCube Carboxy MagBeads PureCube Carboxy MagBeads
Protein purification ► Carboxygroup-carrying Magnetic Beads, for activation by NHS or weak ion-exchaning ★25% conc.★
Article number: 50201
Sales price: From €85.00 *
PureCube Amine Activated MagBeads PureCube Amine Activated MagBeads
1 ml 25% Amine-Activated MagBeads, for coupling of biomolecules via carboxy groups using EDC/NHS
Article number: 50901
Sales price: From €99.00 *
PureCube Epoxy Activated MagBeads PureCube Epoxy Activated MagBeads
1 ml 25% Epoxy activated Magnetic Bead suspension ►For coupling of biomolecules via amine/thiol groups and protein purification
Article number: 50801
Sales price: From €99.00 *