mouse MSP1E3D1-His, lyophilized protein

mouse MSP1E3D1-His, lyophilized protein
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An essential component of each nanodisc is a membrane scaffolding protein that holds the lipids... more
Product information "mouse MSP1E3D1-His, lyophilized protein"
Scaffold-diameter: 12-14 nm
Species: mouse
Tag: His
Type: lyophilized
Mutation: Unmutated

An essential component of each nanodisc is a membrane scaffolding protein that holds the lipids of the disc together. MSP2N2 has been proven to be the membrane scaffolding protein that allows the creation of the largest nanodiscs possible. Including a his-tag and shipped in a lyophilized state, it will drastically improve the quality and size of your nanodiscs.

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