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Synthetic nanodiscs are disc shaped complexes made from synthetic polymers like DIBMA or SMAs (1,2) that are one the best ways to solubilize and stabilize a membrane protein of interest. Their development and use in the field of proteomics is one of the greatest advances pf the field. Traditionally detergents (like SDS, n-octyl-β-d-glucopyranoside (OG), n-dodecyl-β-d-maltoside (DDM) are used for solubilization and stabilization of membrane proteins from the cell membrane. However these detergents can interfere with the functional properties of a membrane protein (3). Synthetic nanodiscs are mimicking the native lipid membrane by cutting the membrane protein of interest out of the cell membrane together with its original lipid environment. The alternative to synthetic nanodiscs are MSP-nanodiscs.
Currently these are CubeBiotech's options for the creation of synthetic nanodiscs:


Formula Weight ~12,000 g/mol or 10,000 g/mol
pH 7.5 in buffer
Dibma Structure
Formula Weight 5,000-10,000 g/mol
Depending on SMA polymer
pH 4,5 - 8,2
Note that this is the default structure for most SMAs, but not all. For example SMALP 1100I is imidized.
SMA Structure
DIBMA is the perfect choice for membrane protein solubilization and subsequent stabilization without the need for detergents (4). One further advantage of DIBMA is the lack of any meaningful absorbance of the protein specific wavelength of 280 nm. Therefore quantifying a protein after treatment with DIBMA is not influenced by any absorbance signal by the polymer.
Similar to DIBMA, SMA is a synthetic polymer that can create synthetic nanodiscs for the solubilization & stabilization for membrane proteins. The key difference between the two lies in the superior solubilization rate of SMA compared to DIBMA. However SMA shows noticeable absorbance at 280 nm.

The question if SMA or DIBMA is the best option for your protein of interest is a tricky one. Especially if you have never worked with your current membrane protein of interest before. For such cases we compiled our most prominent SMALP and DIBMA products into this practical Synthetic Nanodisc Screening Set for your convenience!
All 8 products are buffered in HEPES to provide maximal comparability between the individual screening assays. Which 8 products are included in the Kit precisely can be found in the product's description.


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SMALP 30010S SMALP 30010S
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SMALP 25010S SMALP 25010S
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SMALP 40005S by Orbiscope SMALP 40005S
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SMALP 1100I by Orbiscope SMALP 1100I
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Synthetic nanodisc products
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PureCube DIBMA by Cube-Biotech. For protein solubilization. | Amount=1 gramm | Buffered in TRIS. | MW=12.000 g/mol
Article number: 18011
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PureCube DIBMA Glucosamine, 1 g, TRIS DIBMA Glucosamine, TRIS
Cube Biotech offers DIBMA-Glucosamine for reduced net charge of the polymer. Higher ion tollerance for your experiments.
Article number: 18044
Sales price: From €203.00 *
PureCube DIBMA Glycerol, 1 g, TRIS DIBMA Glycerol, TRIS
Cube Biotech offers DIBMA-Glycerol for reduced net charge of the polymer. Higher ion tollerance for your experiments.
Article number: 18054
Sales price: From €203.00 *
PureCube DIBMA Glucosamine, 1 g, HEPES DIBMA Glucosamine, HEPES
Cube Biotech offers DIBMA-Glucosamine for reduced net charge of the polymer. Higher ion tollerance for your experiments.
Article number: 18041
Sales price: From €203.00 *
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