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The SMALP 1100I, our other SMALP products has been developed for for the solubilization of... more
Product information "SMALP 1100I"
The SMALP 1100I, our other SMALP products has been developed for for the solubilization of membrane proteins. SMALP 1100I is special among other SMAs as it contains a maleimide function and therefore its standard structure derives from standard SMAs.
After dissolving buffer powder + SMALP 1100I in dH2O, the product is ready-to-use. SMALP 1100I has a brownish color in solution.
After successfull solubilization of the membrane protein, the protein can be purified using affinity chromatography. We recommed to use the Rho1D4-tag for affinity chromatography of membrane proteins. Cube Biotech offers the matching products for this purpose.

SMALP Screening: Different membrane protein usually perform different under different SMAs variants respectively. To ease the resulting screening process we compiled all of our SMAs into a convenient SMALP Screening Set.
Furthermore if you like to compare proteins's performance between SMA and DIBMA in synthetic nanodiscs, we also offer our, that includes both our SMA and DIBMA products.


State Lyophilized Powder, to be solved with water
Polymer styrene-to-maleic anhydride ratio 1.4:1
Molecular weight 5.000
pH after solving 7.5
Solulbility 38%
Divalent cationic tolerance > 100 mM
Color Yellowish
Odor Odorless
Freeze-thaw stable? Yes
Storage 4°C for long-term
Other noteworthy feature Is imidized with DMAPA
Base Polymer
SMA 1100I Structure
Western Blot using SMALP 1100I Figure 1: Western Blot of a purified membrane protein after stabilization through SMA.
Reproduced with permission from Ms S. Nestorow, University of Birmingham.

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The use of styrene maleic anhydride copolymer (SMA) products for the manufacturing of styrene maleic acid copolymer - lipid particles (nanodiscs) (SMALP), and the use of SMALP, are covered by one or more of the following patents owned by Malvern Cosmeceutics Limited: US8623414, EP1890675, GB2426703, AU2006253886, JP5142898, IN261468, CN ZL200680018957.2, CA 2611144 and by the University of Birmingham US8754168.

The purchaser is licensed under those patents to use the SMA for the manufacture of SMALPs and to use SMALPs so manufactured for the purpose of research and development of proteins, including their production (including purification and solubilization), screening, testing, analysis, characterization (including structural analysis and characterization), including for the purpose of drug screening, but not for the purpose of delivery of agents to humans or other animals for therapeutic, diagnostic prophylactic purposes, which uses are specifically prohibited.
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