PureCube DIBMA 12, HEPES

PureCube DIBMA 12, HEPES
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With diisobutylene-maleic acid (DIBMA) you can directly extract membrane proteins from cells... more
Product information "PureCube DIBMA 12, HEPES"

With diisobutylene-maleic acid (DIBMA) you can directly extract membrane proteins from cells without an intermediate step of detergent solubilization, like with SDS that would usually interfe re with the proteins function. Another advantage of DIBMA as a tool for protein solubilization is the lack of an absorbance maxima at 280 in comparison to SMAs that would interfere with the quantification of proteins as the aromatic amino acids absorb at the same spectrum. PureCube DIBMA is lyophilized from two different buffer solutions (HEPES or TRIS) to ensure a stable pH at 7.5 which is ideal for most protein solubilizations.

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