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FPLC Columns
Empty PureCube Cartridges and Compact Cartridges provide the same technical features as PureCube prepacked Cartridges and Compact Cartridges. They can be filled with your affinity resin of choice. PureCube Cartridges are available in two sizes, 1 mL and 5 mL bed volume, and two column geometries (see Fig. 1+2). Made from robust materials (details in Table 1), the body and end plugs are resistent to most commonly used reagents. The void volume in each end plug is minimal because the fluid is introduced through a narrow flow path. Recommended operational pressure is up to 3 bar (42 psi). For manual protein purification procedures, see 1-step batch columns.

PureCube Cartridges provide:

  • High-quality columns that designed for easy packing and use
  • Resistent to most commonly used reagents
  • Compatible with most chromatography instruments
  • Fully compatible with PureCube Affinity Purification Matrices

Features of our empty PurCube Cartridges

Feature PureCube Cartridge 1 mL PureCube Compact Cartridge 1 mL PureCube Cartridge 5 mL PureCube Compact Cartridge 5 mL
Bed Volume 1 mL 5 mL
Dimensions: diameter X length (mm) 6.2 X 50 5 X 35 11 X 80 17 X 35
Body material Polypropylene Polypropylene Acrylate Polypropylene
Inlet 10-32 UNF female thread
Outlet 10-32 UNF female thread
Compact Cartridge for FPLC
Compact Cartridge for IMAC
Fig.1: PureCube Compact Cartridges in 1 mL (left) and 5 mL (right) sizes. Cartridges fit to most standard connectors without additional adapters.
Column for IMAC
Cartridge for FPLC
Fig.2: PureCube Cartridges in 1 mL (left) and 5 mL (right) sizes. Cartridges fit to most standard connectors without additional adapters.

PureCube Cartridges from Cube Biotech were successfully used in the following publications:

Packed ResinYearAuthorProduct
Amberlite XAD-16N 2021 Oestreich A.M., Reinhardt S., Gerlach D., Fan R., Czermak P. Compact Cartridge
Top seller
PureCube Compact Cartridge PureCube Compact Cartridge
Article number: 16912
PureCube Cartridge PureCube Cartridge
Article number: 16911
Empty Cartridges
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PureCube Compact Cartridge PureCube Compact Cartridge
Our PureCube Compact Cartridge is designed to fit most commonly used FPLC machinery. Packing protocol included.
Article number: 16912
Sales price: From €27.00 *
PureCube Cartridge PureCube Cartridge
Our PureCube Cartridge without column. Insert your own matching column instead.
Article number: 16911
Sales price: From €27.00 *