Affinity Chromatography Poster

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This poster was designed for the purpose of giving interested scienctists and students a... more
Product information "Affinity Chromatography Poster"
This poster was designed for the purpose of giving interested scienctists and students a comprehensive overview of the affinity chromatography method.

The poster covers many relevant subject and themes surrounding affinity chromatography, including:

  • Different chromatography methods in comparison
  • The design of an affinity bead and the chemistry behind it
  • How to properly design a recombinant protein construct that can be used for affinity chromatography, including vector construction
  • A detailed comparison between different commonly used affinity tags. (His-, GST-, MBP-, Strep-, Rho1D4-, FLAG-tag)
  • The typical workflow of an affinity chromatography
  • A list of the limitations of Affinity chromatography
  • Sub-types of Affinity chromatography (Gravity flow, batch spon, FPLC, MagBeads)
  • A list of potential subesquent studies
Affinity Chromatography PosterThis poster is designed for a DIN A0 printout, which is 841 x 1189 in millimeters.

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