PureCube NHS Activated Agarose XL

PureCube NHS Activated Agarose XL
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PureCube NHS Activated XL agarose resin beads are a great option to couple your biomolecules... more
Product information "PureCube NHS Activated Agarose XL"
Type: Agarose
Bead size: 400 µm
PureCube NHS Activated XL agarose resin beads are a great option to couple your biomolecules (e.g Protein or Antibodies) that carry free standing amine groups. The resulting bond between the NHS resin beads and your biomolecule of interest is a ester. Their Xl size uplifts them in terms of flow rated in FPLC assays compared to redular sized beads. Our NHS XL Agaroses is also available as magnetic beads or regular sized agarose beads.
NHS structural formulaStructural Formula of a NHS group


Usage Coupling proteins to active NHS Groups
Specifity Exposed amine (NH2) groups on biomolecules
Binding capacity >20 mg/mL
Resin Agarose Resin with chemically active NHS groups
Bead size ~400 μm
Filling quantity Delivered as a 50 % suspension
Please note that this product is shipped as a flammable good, 2-propanol UN1219
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