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The GST tag is a 26 kDA sized protein tag that can be used for protein purification. GST is short for Glutathione-S-Transferase. Using the GST tag for protein purification is taking advantage of an enzyme's specificity to a substrate to gain maximum purity.

Overview of Cube Biotech's Glutathione products for GST tag protein purification.


Usage Specific binding and purification of GST-tagged proteins
Specifity Affinity to GST-tagged proteins
High binding capacity 10 mg / ml
Bead Ligand Protein purification beads with GST-Antibody

GST / Gluthathione-affinity agarose resins from Cube Biotech were successfully used in the following publications:

Human LGP2, RIG‐I, MDA5 and LGP2 CTD 2018   van der Veen A.G., Maillard P.V., Schmidt J.M., Lee S.A., Deddouche-Grass S., Borg A., Kjaer S., Snijders A.P., Reis e Sousa C.1
Human DNA polymerase α-primase and B- fusion proteins 2017  Kilkenny M.L., Simon A.C., Mainwaring J., Wirthensohn D., Holzer S., Pellegrini L.2
ISG15 2018  Napolitano A., van der Veen A.G., Bunyan M., Borg A., Frith D., Howell S., kjaer S., Beling A., Snijders A.P., Knobeloch K-P., Frickel E-M.3
Ran (wt) Ran KxQ/R; NTF2; RCC1 49-444; Importin- beta, Ran, KxAcK 2019  de Boor S.4
several TBX3 fusion proteins 2015  Fischer K.5
GtPEBB, mGtPEBB and variants 2019 Sommerkamp J.A.; Frankenberg-Dinkel N.; Hofmann E.6
Several in vitro synthesized proteins 2016 Chiocchini C., Trefzer A., Vattem K., Kuhn P., 7

PureCube Gluathione MagBead's efficiency

Gluthathione MagBeads efficiency
Fig.1: Reliable lot-to-lot reproducibility. Glutathione-S-transferase was purified from E.coli lysates using three independent production lots of PureCube Glutathione MagBeads. FT: Flow through, E1-E5: Elution fractions.
Our GST tag purification products are able to reproduce all purification assays from lot to lot. We achieved minimal fluctuations between multiple uses of our beads. Multiple consecutive GST tag purification with the same beads from is ensured to be of the same high quality.


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  2. Kilkenny, M. L et al. “The human CTF4-orthologue AND-1 interacts with DNA polymerase α/primase via its unique C-terminal HMG box.” Open biology vol. 7,11 (2017): 170217. doi:10.1098/rsob.170217.
  3. Napolitano, Anna et al. “Cysteine-Reactive Free ISG15 Generates IL-1β-Producing CD8α+ Dendritic Cells at the Site of Infection.” Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950) vol. 201,2 (2018): 604-614. doi:10.4049/jimmunol.1701322
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L-Glutathione oxidized L-Glutathione oxidized
Ultrapure and ready to use ► To create redox potentials for chemical reactions.| Cystein source for the cells.
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L-Glutathione reduced L-Glutathione reduced
Reduced L-Glutathione ►Ultrapure and convenient for GST-tagged protein elution from Glutathione Agarose or MagBeads.
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PureCube Glutathione Cartridge PureCube Glutathione Cartridge
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