MagBead Separator

Purification Resins
Every protein / lipid / biomolecule purification protocol that involves magnetic beads does eventually lead to the separation step in the end. As essential as a good MagBead separator may be most lack certain quality features that our PureCube MagBead separator fullfills and even improves upon with additional features:
  1. Our PureCube MagBead separator uses above average strong magnets compared to other separators out there. This is critical because weak magnets can leave either magnetic beads behind in the solution or worse, they are accidently removed together with the supernatant. Therefore we ensured that with our PureCube MagBead separator this will not occur.
  2. Most work spaces in labs are already overcrowded with essential, but space-consuming tools. That is why our PureCube Magnetic bead separator comes in a modular setup. One of these modules can hold up to two 1,5 or 2 ml microcentrifuge tubes at the same time, while only covering an area of ~3 cm2. If a larger magnetic bead rack is required you can easily stick the individual modules together.
  3. Our Purecube MagBead separator comes with a hold for the caps of the microcentrifuge tubes. This ensures that one hand can always stay free instead of upholding the cap that would usually tend to fall close.


Usage Separation of magnetic beads from the supernatant
Supported tubes 1.5 ml and 2 ml microcentrifuge tubes (Eppis)
Design Modular (2 microcentrifuges tubes / Module): Can be put together onto a larger rack easily.
Magnet strenght Above average. To ensure no magnetic beads get lost during the separation process.
Area covered on work bench ~3 cm2 per module
Cap holder inculded, so that microcentrifuge tubes do not fall close if not wanted.
Color white
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Cube MagBead Separator (1) Cube MagBead Separator (1)
Article number: 16941
MagBead Separator
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Cube MagBead Separator (1) Cube MagBead Separator (1)
1 Cube MagBead Separator, for 2 microtubes of 1.5 or 2 ml volume.
Article number: 16941
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