PureCube Cu-NTA Cartridge

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  • 31601-Cu
PureCube Cu-NTA cartridges / columns were made for convenient FPLC purification of his... more
Product information "PureCube Cu-NTA Cartridge"
Type: Cartridge
Bead size: 40 µm
PureCube Cu-NTA cartridges / columns were made for convenient FPLC purification of his tagged proteins or the enrichment of copper-binding proteins. The columns are pre-filled with our high quality PureCube Cu-NTA agarose resin.
The PureCube cartridge was designed with the intent of maximum compability with most FPLC hardware. However we recommend you to check the given features table regardless. In case that no compability is given, we have another option for you. Please have a look at our PureCube Cu-NTA COMPACT cartridges / columns.

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Usage Specific binding and purification of 6x his-tagged proteins
Enrichment of copper binding proteins
Specifity Affinity to His-tagged proteins
Affinity to copper-binding proteins
Bead Ligand Cu-NTA
Bead size 40 μm
pH stability/span> 2-14
Chelator stability Stable in buffer containing 10 mM DTT and 1 mM EDTA
Other stabilities 100% methanol, 100% ethanol, 8 M urea, 6 M guanidinium hydrochloride, 30% (v/v) acetonitrile
Filling quantity Delivered as a 50 % suspension

Features - Regarding Cartridge / Column itself.

Feature PureCube Compact Cartridge 1 mL PureCube Compact Cartridge 5 mL
Bed Volume 1 mL 5 mL
Dimensions: diameter X length (mm) 6.2 x 50 11 x 80
Body material Polypropylene Acrylate
End Plug Material Polypropylene
Inlet 10-32 UNF female thread
Outlet 10-32 UNF female thread
Max. Flow Rate 6 mL/min
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