PureCube HiCap StrepTactin MagBeads XL

PureCube HiCap StrepTactin MagBeads XL
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Our PureCube StrepTactin MagBeads XL were developed for high-yield protein purification... more
Product information "PureCube HiCap StrepTactin MagBeads XL"
Type: Magnetic Beads
Bead size: 90 µm
Our PureCube StrepTactin MagBeads XL were developed for high-yield protein purification using the Strep®-tag (WSHPQFEK), a high-specificity protein affinity tag. By coupling the protein StrepTactin to our PureCube MagBeads XL protein purifications with maximum purity can be performed. The main principle between this high degree of protein purity is the incredible specific interaction of the StrepTactin protein and the Strep® tag. PureCube XL MagBeads are especially handy when working with very viscous cell lysates. In addition to the XL MagBeads we also offer PureCube StrepTactin MagBeads regular sized (30 µm in diameter).
Furthermore as an alternative to magnetic beads Cube Biotech also offers PureCube StrepTactin® agarose resin for batch spin and FPLC based protein purification.


Usage Highly specific affinity purification of Strep®(WSHPQFEK)-tagged proteins
Specifity Affinity to Strep®-tagged proteins (WSHPQFEK)
Matrix 6% cross-linked magnetized agarose
Binding capacity 7 mg / ml Resin
Bead Ligand StrepTactin ®
Bead size 90 μm
Stability 2% Tween 20, 2% Triton X-100, 2% IGEPAL® 630/Nonidet P40, n-Octyl-beta-D-glucopyranoside, 0,2% n-Nonyl-beta-D-gluyopyranoside, 0,35% N-Decyl-beta-D-maltoside, 2% Lauryl-sacrosine, 0,1% SDS, 0,3% CHAPS, 1M Guanidine HCl, 1mM PMSF, 10% Ethanol, 5M NaCl, 2M (NH4)SO4, 1M CaCl2, 25% Glycerol
Filling quantity Delivered as a 5 % suspension
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