Ultrapure Detergents


Detergents are the most commonly used substances for membrane protein stabilization. Before you use a specific detergent for a new membrane protein you must screen for a matching one. For this purpose we offer our Detergent Screening Sets.

Ultrapure Detergents
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n-Dodecyl-phosphocholine (Fos-choline-12) n-Dodecyl-phosphocholine (Fos-choline-12)
Cube Biotech provides 99,5% pure Fos-choline 12 for crystallography and membrane protein purification. MW: 351.5 g /mol
Article number: 16021
Sales price: From €138.00 *
Octylglucopyranoside (OG) Octylglucopyranoside (OG)
n-Octyl-beta-D-glucopyranoside >99,5% for crystallography
Article number: 16002
Sales price: From €164.00 *
N,N-Dimethyl-n-dodecylamine N-oxide (LDAO) N,N-Dimethyl-n-dodecylamine N-oxide (LDAO)
For protein solulbilization and crystallization we offer the ultrapure detergent LDAO. | MW: 229,40 g/mol.
Article number: 16006
Sales price: From €183.00 *
n-Decyl-beta-maltoside (DM) n-Decyl-beta-maltoside (DM)
n-Decyl-beta-maltoside >99,5% for crystallography
Article number: 16010
Sales price: From €283.00 *
n-Dodecyl-beta-maltoside (DDM) n-Dodecyl-beta-maltoside (DDM)
n-Dodecyl-beta-maltoside >99,5% for crystallography
Article number: 16014
Sales price: From €293.00 *
n-Octyl-1-thio-beta-D-glucopyranoside (OTG) n-Octyl-1-thio-beta-D-glucopyranoside (OTG)
Looking for a detergent to solubilize an purify your membrane protein? Try out our ultra-pure detergents.
Article number: 16018
Sales price: From €168.00 *
n-Tridecyl-phosphocholine (Fos-choline-13) n-Tridecyl-phosphocholine (Fos-choline-13)
>99,5% for crystallography  
Article number: 16025
Sales price: From €159.00 *
n-Tetradecyl-phosphocholine (Fos-choline-14) n-Tetradecyl-phosphocholine (Fos-choline-14)
>99,5% for crystallography  
Article number: 16029
Sales price: From €151.00 *
n-Hexadecyl-phosphocholine (Fos-choline-16) n-Hexadecyl-phosphocholine (Fos-choline-16)
>99,5% for crystallography  
Article number: 16037
Sales price: From €151.00 *
n-Decyl-phosphocholine (Fos-choline-10) n-Decyl-phosphocholine (Fos-choline-10)
>99,5% for crystallography  
Article number: 16041
Sales price: From €139.00 *
n-Undecyl-phosphocholine (Fos-choline-11) n-Undecyl-phosphocholine (Fos-choline-11)
>99,5% for crystallography  
Article number: 16045
Sales price: From €159.00 *
n-Nonyl-phosphocholine (Fos-choline-9) n-Nonyl-phosphocholine (Fos-choline-9)
>99,5% for crystallography  
Article number: 16049
Sales price: From €159.00 *
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