Fos-choline 12

Dodecylphosphocholine (Fos-choline 12, Fos-12)

Phosphocholines, or Fos-cholines, are a novel class of detergents that is well suited for the solubilization, stabilization, and purification of membrane proteins. For screening of the best-suited detergent for a given application, we offer Fos-cholines with chain lengths from C-9 to C-16. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing bulk quantities of this detergent.

Fos-choline 12 from Cube Biotech was successfully used in the following publications:

 ProteinYearAuthorUsed detergents
emST 2021 Weihou G. Fos-choline 12


 Fos-choline 12
Synonyms Dodecylphosphocholine, Fos-12 dodecyl 2-(trimethylammonio)ethyl phosphate n-Dodecylphosphocholine
Molecular weight 351.46 g/mol
CAS-No. 29557-51-5
Purity crystallization-grade, >99 %
Form white crystalline powder
CMC (in H2O) 1.5 mM (0.047%)


Weihou Guo (2021). Overexpression and isolation of the intermediate state of serotonin transporter from Echinococcus multilocularis –‒ the ER localized HSP complexes of the folding trajectory. PhD, University of Hamburg.
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Fos-choline 12
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n-Dodecyl-phosphocholine (Fos-choline-12) n-Dodecyl-phosphocholine (Fos-choline-12)
Cube Biotech provides 99,5% pure Fos-choline 12 for crystallography and membrane protein purification. MW: 351.5 g /mol
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