PureCube MagBeads

We produce and use our own PureCube MagBeads. With a ferrimagnetic core and an agarose coating coupled to a ligand of choice, their surface is identical to our PureCube Agarose matrices, making them an ideal combination for all purification scales.

In addition, the amount of magnetic beads used for a purification setup can be easily scaled up and down to match protein expression rates and culture volumes. Available volumes range from 1 ml to bulk scale at affordable pricing.


A modular MagBead separator for 1.5 and 2 ml tubes is available. For consistent separation of the magnetic beads in larger scale, we recommend Sepmag homogeneous biomagnetic separation systems.

From Oct 1 to Dec 31, 2018, mention promo code "Cube2018" when placing your order, and save!


PureCube MagBeads are useful to:

  •         extract proteins from diluted solutions, such as cell culture supernatants
  •          purify proteins expressed at low levels
  •         perform pull-down experiments
  •         automate small-scale protein purification



MagBeads Knowledge Page

His Affinity MagBeads

The His tag is the most widely used affinity tag because of its small size (6-10 aa) and ease of use. His-tag affinity purification can be performed under native and denaturing conditions and tolerates a wide range of detergents and other additives. A range of different His affinity magbeads is available:

PureCube INDIGO Ni-MagBeadsPureCube Ni-NTA MagBeadsPureCube Ni-IDA MagBeadsPureCube Co-NTA MagBeadsPureCube IDA MagBeadsPureCube NTA MagBeadsPureCube Alternative IMAC MagBeads

GST Affinity MagBeads The GST tag is a 26 kDa protein tag which is often chosen to promote recombinant protein folding.  
Strep Affinity MagBeads The Strep-tag® is a 8 amino acid tag with high specificity for StrepTactin® magbeads which is often used as alternative or in combination with the His tag.  
Rho1D4 Affinity MagBeads The rho1D4-tag is a 9 amino acid tag that binds to the rho1D4 antibody and has proven particularly efficient in the purification of membrane proteins. For the first time commercially available, Cube Biotech offers the full system (affinity magbeads, rho1D4 peptide, and rho1D4 antibody).  
Activated MagBeads

Activated MagBeads can be used to couple your own antibody or other molecule to create a protein-specific affinity matrix. Available modifications include:

Amine-activated MagBeads Carboxy-activated MagBeads
NHS-activated MagBeads Epoxy-activated MagBeads
Maleimide-activated MagBeads  
Ion Exchange MagBeads For untagged proteins, or as additional purification step, ion exchange magbeads can be used. Please contact us for more information.  
Extra large MagBeads Extra-large magbeads can be used for a combination of magnetic and filter separation during purification, and for other special applications.   
Customized MagBeads Special and Custom Matrices can be used for tag-free purification, purification of native proteins and specific protein conformations. Learn more.  



StrepTactin® and Strep-tag® are trademarks of IBA GmbH.