PureCube Fe-NTA MagBeads

Immobilized metal affinity chromatography, or IMAC, has been employed for many applications making use of its versatile interaction with aromatic nitrogens and phosphates. To this end, NTA matrices have been loaded with a broad range of transition metals, as optimized for the individual interaction. Magnetic beads are ideal for protein purification from dilute supernatants and for pull-down experiments.


Fe-NTA MagBeads are often used for the purification of phosphorylated proteins. Alternative matrices are Al-, Ga- or Zr-NTA. PureCube Fe-NTA MagBeads are delivered as a 25% suspension.


PureCube Agarose Magnetic Beads

PureCube Alternative IMAC Magnetic Beads


PureCube Fe-NTA MagBeads provide:

  •         Ready-to-use magnetic beads
  •          Purification of phosphorylated proteins
  •         Enrichment of iron-binding proteins
  •         Fe-NTA Agaroses also available

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Purification of phosphorylated proteins

IMAC methods, in particular Fe-NTA or Ga-NTA, have been widely used to enrich phosphoproteins and phosphopeptides as part of the sample preparation for mass spectrometry (1,3,4). Depending on the sample, and the kind of phosphorylated proteins to be analyzed, also other transition metals, such as zirconium or aluminium have been loaded on NTA or IDA matrices for enrichment (5). Also, magnetic beads have been useful for this kind of sample preparation (2).


  PureCube Fe-NTA MagBeads have been successfully used in the following publication:

Searle BC et al. (2018) Comprehensive peptide quantification for data independent acquisition mass spectrometry using chromatogram libraries. .


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