PureCube MagBeads XL

Agarose magnetic beads typically have particle sizes of 10-40 µm. However, for special applications, MagBeads with exceptionally large bead sizes can be useful.

Agarose MagBeads with 90 µm diameter are available as PureCube MagBeads XL. For even larger bead sizes of several hundred microns in diameter, please contact us for a customized solution.


PureCube Agarose Magnetic Beads



PureCube MagBeads XL offer:

  In-house production with high lot-to-lot reproducibility

  Excellent compatibility with bioassays, low unspecific binding

  90 µm Activated MagBeads XL and Ni-NTA MagBeads XL

  Broad customization options





PureCube His Affinity Magnetic Beads

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Size distribution of PureCube Standard, XL, and customized Agarose MagBeads

Fig.2: Size distribution of PureCube standard, XL, and customized agarose MagBeads. Circles represent bead sizes drawn to scale.