PureCube Activated MagBeads XL

Agarose magnetic beads typically have particle sizes of 10-40 µm. However, for special applications, MagBeads with exceptionally large bead sizes can be useful.


Agarose MagBeads with 90 µm diameter are available as PureCube MagBeads XL, with a large variety of chemical activation modifications. Biomolecules can be coupled to the MagBeads using easy to follow protocols.


For even larger bead sizes of several hundred microns in diameter, please contact us for a customized solution.

Activated MagBeads XL are available on request. Please contact us to learn more.

PureCube Agarose Magnetic Beads

PureCube Activated Agarose Magnetic BeadsPureCube Extra-large Agarose Magnetic Beads


PureCube Activated MagBeads XL provide:

  •         Large bead size for special applications
  •          Coupling of biomolecules for individual assays
  •         High lot-to-lot reproducibility in in-house production
  •         Easy to follow protocols and technical support




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Coupling mechanism


  Coupling Chemistry   PureCube Activated MagBeads XL

Covalent, via amine groups

  EDC/NHS   Carboxy MagBeads XL

Covalent, via amine groups

Easy coupling of antibodies



Fast and easy protocol


NHS-activated MagBeads XL

Covalent, via cysteine groups   direct   Maleimide-activated MagBeads XL

Coupling of thermostable proteins and small molecules

via amine and thiol


Epoxy-activated MagBeads XL

Covalent, via carboxy groups   direct   Amine-activated MagBeads XL