PureCube Activated MagBeads

Activated Agaroses are available as off-the-shelf items in quantities from 10 mL to several liters. They can be used to couple molecules of your choice in your laboratory. Our careful in-house production provides low lot-to-lot variation, making activated agaroses also suitable for commercial production.



PureCube Activated MagBeads provide:

  •         Highly reproducible synthesis in our own laboratories

  •          Easy to follow protocols and expert technical support

  •         Low unspecific binding

  •         Also available as Activated Agaroses






PureCube Agarose Magnetic Beads

PureCube Activated Agarose Magnetic Beads

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PureCube Activated MagBeads

  Coupling Chemistry  


Coupling mechanism


Carboxy MagBeads


Covalent, via amine groups

NHS-activated MagBeads



Fast and easy protocol


Covalent, via amine groups

Easy coupling of antibodies

Thiol-activated MagBeads

  direct, oxidative  

Reversible, via thiol groups

Epoxy-activated MagBeads   direct  

Coupling of thermostable proteins and small molecules via amine or thiol

Amine-activated MagBeads   direct  

Covalent, via carboxy groups

Maleimide-activated MagBeads   direct  

Covalent, via cysteine groups

Divinylsulfone-activated MagBeads

on request


Covalent, via amine groups

Glycidol-activated MagBeads

on request

  direct, reductive amination  

Covalent, via amine groups