PureCube Thiol Activated MagBeads

PureCube Thiol Activated MagBeads carry a dipyridyl disulphide functionality. Proteins can bind covalently via free cysteines, forming a disulfide bond, and releasing a 2-thiopyridone group. Because  of  the  nature  of  the  disulfide  bond,  the  coupled  proteins  can  also  be  eluted  using reducing agents such as DTT or beta-mercaptoethanol.

Different thiol containing proteins can be eluted by using a combination or concentration gradient of weaker (e.g. L-cysteine, reduced glutathione) and stronger (DTT or mercaptoethanol) reducing agents. PureCube Thiol  Activated MagBeads are delivered in lyophilized format to ensure product quality.

Thiol Activated MagBeads require 2,2‘-dipyridyl disulphide for activation, which is included in the product.


For irreversible coupling of thiol groups, see Maleimide Activated MagBeads.


PureCube Agarose Magnetic Beads

PureCube Activated Agarose Magnetic Beads



Please note that Thiol Activated MagBeads and Thiol Activated Agarose have been discontinued effective December 31, 2017. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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