Nanodisc products

Nanodiscs provide an exciting alternative for the stabilization of membrane proteins. Cube Biotech offers everything you need to get started with this novel technology. There are two options to reconstitute membrane proteins into nanodiscs:

For the reconstitution of membrane proteins that are already isolated and solubilized in detergent, we recommend to use membrane scaffold proteins (MSPs) in combination with phospholipids. A variety of membrane scaffold proteins (MSPs) are available that can be assembled to nanodiscs of different sizes to accommodate proteins with varying numbers of transmembrane domains. His-tagged MSPs allow for easy detection of the nanodisc and even immobilization on SPR chips. On the other hand, if the protein of interest itself carries a his-tag, we recommend to use untagged MSP proteins.


For use in cell-free expression reactions, empty nanodiscs are recommended. They can be assembled using our Nanodisc assembly kits, or purchased ready to use. Note that these kits only provide small amounts of nanodisc that are suitable for cell-free expression, and not recommended for direct reconstitution of already purified proteins.

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Nanodisc products



Our Nanodisc offering:

Lyophilized membrane scaffold proteins for reconstitution of purified proteins
Assembled nanodiscs for cell-free reactions
Assembly kits to prepare your own nanodiscs for cell-free reactions

Full nanodisc service from gene to protein




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