PureCube Cartridges

Once expressed, proteins are extracted from cell lysates or membranes, affinity chromatography is an elegant way to purify these to homogeneity in very few steps. We use BioWorks Workbeads as the basis to synthesize PureCube affinity purification matrices. This ensures the optimal quality we demand for our service projects. All our high-quality purification resins are available prepacked in affinity chromatography columns, ready to be used on automated liquid chromatography systems (e.g., FPLC). Our prepacked columns are available in 2 sizes, 1 mL and 5 mL bed volume. PureCube Cartridges are also available empty, to be filled with your chromatography matrix of choice.

PureCube Cartridges


PureCube Cartridges are:

  •         resistent to most commonly used reagents
  •          compatible with common chromatography instruments
  •         excellent flow distribution and minimal void volume
  •         prepacked with your resin of choice, or empty

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       PureCube Cartridge, 1 mL   PureCube Cartridge, 5 mL
    Bed volume  

1 mL


5 mL

    Dimensions (mm)  

6.2 X 50


11 X 80

    Body material  





10-32 UNF female thread


10-31 UNF female thread

    Outlet   10-32 UNF female thread   10-32 UNF female thread
Table 1: Technical features of PureCube Cartridges.



PureCube His Affinity Cartridges

The His tag is the most widely used affinity tag because of its small size (6-10 aa) and ease of use. His-tag affinity purification can be performed under native and denaturing conditions and tolerates a wide range of detergents and other additives. A range of different His affinity cartridges is available:

PureCube 100 INDIGO Ni-CartridgesPureCube 100 Ni-NTA CartridgesPureCube 100 Co-NTA CartridgesPureCube Ni-NTA CartridgesPureCube Co-NTA CartridgesPureCube NTA CartridgesPureCube Ni-IDA CartridgesPureCube IDA Cartridges

PureCube GST Affinity Cartridges The GST tag is a 26 kDa protein tag which is often chosen to promote recombinant protein folding.  
PureCube Strep Affinity Cartridges The Strep-tag® is an 8 amino acid tag with high specificity for StrepTactin® matrices which is often used as alternative or in combination with the His tag.  
PureCube Rho1D4 Affinity Cartridges The rho1D4-tag is a 9 amino acid tag that binds to the rho1D4 antibody and has proven particularly efficient in the purification of membrane proteins. For the first time commercially available, Cube Biotech offers the full system (affinity matrix, rho1D4 peptide, and rho1D4 antibody).  
PureCube Ion Exchange Cartridges

For untagged proteins, or as additional purification step, ion exchange or hydrophobic interaction matrices are often used. Carboxymethyl, sulphonic acid, DEAE and quarternary amine, as well as butyl, phenyl, and octyl agaroses are available. Please contact us for cartridges filled with these matrices.

PureCube Customized Affinity Cartridges

Special and Custom Matrices can be used for tag-free purification, purification of native proteins and specific protein conformations.

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