Pure and active G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs)


Need pure, active, human, wild-type membrane proteins - in nanodiscs?


Membrane proteins, in particular GPCRs, are the most pharmaceutically relevant protein class. At the same time, it is very difficult to obtain them in pure, active form. Cube Biotech's protein experts have worked hard to produce human GPCRs and other membrane proteins in sufficient quality that we can now offer to the community. GPCRs are both available solubilized in detergent, or reconstituted into nanodiscs for stabilization.

Whether you are planning to perform biophysical or biochemical experiments with the currently offered target proteins, or simply use them as positive controls to set up your targets of interest, we will be happy to discuss the quantities you need.


The following table lists all currently available membrane proteins:


Target Short


Target Name





acid mutations

   Host    Purified   Activity    Stabilized   







 G-protein coupled bile receptor 1


Glucose metabolism,

bile acid homeostasis,

weight maintenance

   None   Sf9   Rho1D4 affinity    Confirmed    Detergent  


  Human Glucagon-like   peptide receptor 1   Insuline production, appetite regulation    None   Sf9  


based affinity

  Confirmed   Detergent  

OPRM1   Human Mu-type opioid receptor  

Opiate response

pain modulation


  None   Sf9   Rho1D4 affinity   Confirmed   Nanodisc  
NTSR1   Human Neurotensin receptor type 1  
regulation of intestinal motility and secretion
  None   Sf9   Rho1D4 affinity   N.D.   Detergent  


If you are interested in a different target and would like us to apply our expertise, please refer to our membrane protein services. Also,  please contact us for bulk inquiries, academic projects or other collaboration ideas.