Active, purified Sensory rhodopsin-1 (Halobacterium salinarum)

Sensory rhodopsin-1 (SR-1) is a 7-transmembrane protein that acts as a phototaxis receptor in archaebacteria. Due to its covalently bound colored ligand, SR-1 is ideal for use as a  control membrane protein, for example for crystallization assays and biochemical/biophysical experiments. We provide SR-1 of high purity, purified from E.coli as a his-tagged protein.

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Active Membrane Proteins


Figure 1: SDS-PAGE of sensory rhodopsin-1 from H. salinarum.
Figure 2: Absorbance spectrum of sensory rhodopsin-1 from H. salinarum.



Sensory rhodopsin-1 (SR-1, HsSRI)

UniProt / UniGene


Protein class

7-transmembrane protein


Halobacterium salinarum S9


wild-type sequence 1-234 aa (lacking 15 aa at the C-terminus), 10x His-tag (red)





Affinity tags

His-tag (C-terminus)
234 amino acids; 25,423 Da

Expression system


Purified via

PureCube Ni-NTA Agarose


4 M NaCl, 50 mM MES pH 6.0, 0.03% dodecyl maltoside (DDM)

Purity (SDS-PAGE)

>98%, see Fig. 1
Absorbance Extinction coefficient at 590 nm: 54,000 M-1 cm-1.


Binding of ligand all-trans retinal, covalently bound to a lysine residue.

Evaluation of UV-VIS spectrum: absorbance ratio 280 nm / 590 nm = 1.7


Photoreceptor protein undergoing a photocycle, Retinal protein, phototaxis receptor
Literature  references:
1. Radu I, Budyak IL, Hoomann T, Kim YJ, Engelhard M, Labahn J, Büldt G, Heberle J, Schlesinger R. (2010) Signal relay from sensory rhodopsin I to the cognate transducer HtrI: assessing the critical change in hydrogen-bonding between Tyr-210 and Asn-53. Biophys Chem. Aug;150(1-3):23-8. doi:
10.1016/j.bpc.2010.02.017. Epub 2010 Mar 2.
2. Schmies G, Chizhov I, Engelhard M. (2000) Functional expression of His-tagged sensory rhodopsin I in Escherichia coli. FEBS Lett. Jan 21;466(1):67-9.

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