Active, purified Sensory rhodopsin-2 (Natronomonas pharaonis)

Sensory rhodopsin-2 (SR-2) is a 7-transmembrane protein that acts as a phototaxis receptor in archaebacteria. Due to its covalently bound colored ligand, SR-2 is ideal for use as a  control membrane protein, for example for crystallization assays and biochemical/biophysical experiments. We provide SR-2 of high purity, purified from E. coli as a his-tagged protein.

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Active Membrane Proteins


Figure 1: SDS-PAGE of sensory rhodopsin-2 from N. pharaonis.
Figure 2: Absorbance spectrum of sensory rhodopsin-2 from N. pharaonis.



Sensory rhodopsin-2 (SR-2, NpSRII)

UniProt / UniGene


Protein class

7-transmembrane protein


Natronomonas pharaonis (Natronobacterium pharaonis)


wild-type sequence, full-length, 7x His-tag (red)





Affinity tags

His-tag (C-terminus)
246 amino acids; 26,315 Da

Expression system


Purified via

PureCube Ni-NTA Agarose


300 mM NaCl, 50 mM MES pH 6.0, 0.03% dodecyl maltoside (DDM)

Purity (SDS-PAGE)

>98%, see Fig. 1
Absorbance Extinction coefficient at 500 nm: 45,500 M-1 cm-1.


Binding of ligand all-trans retinal, covalently bound to a lysine residue.

Evaluation of UV-VIS spectrum: absorbance ratio 280 nm / 500 nm = 2.8


Photoreceptor protein undergoing a photocycle, Retinal protein, photophobic phototaxis receptor
Literature  references:
1. Gordeliy VI, Labahn J, Moukhametzianov R, Efremov R, Granzin J, Schlesinger R, Büldt G, Savopol T, Scheidig AJ, Klare JP, Engelhard M. (2002) Molecular basis of transmembrane signalling by sensory rhodopsin II-transducer complex.Nature. Oct 3;419(6906):484-7.
2. Orekhov P, Bothe A, Steinhoff HJ, Shaitan KV, Raunser S, Fotiadis D, Schlesinger R, Klare JP, Engelhard M. (2017) SensoryRhodopsin I and Sensory Rhodopsin II Form Trimers of Dimers in Complex with their Cognate Transducers. Photochem Photobiol. 2017 May;93(3):796-804. doi: 10.1111/php.12763.

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