PureCube His Affinity Agarose

The polyhistidine tag is the most widely used affinity tag due to its small size, low immunogenicity, and versatility under native and denaturing conditions, as well as in presence of detergents and many other additives. Taking advantage of the affinity of transition metal ions for the imidazole ring of histidine, immobilized metal affinity chromatography (IMAC) is used to purify his-tagged proteins. 

Cube Biotech offers high-performance PureCube IDA Agarose and NTA Agarose, based on agarose with average 40 µm or 100 µm diameter. In addition, the novel INDIGO ligand provides optimal performance even in the presence of 20 mM EDTA and DTT.

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PureCube Affinity Products


PureCube His Affinity Agaroses provide:

  Suitable for E.coli and eukaryotic cell lysates and supernatants

  Optimal products for every application - see overview

  Both IDA and NTA ligands available (what's the difference?)

  Can be loaded with a metal ion of choice or ordered unloaded



Ready-to use His affinity agarose with 40 µm average bead size

    PureCube Ni-NTA AgarosePureCube Co-NTA AgarosePureCube Ni-IDA AgarosePureCube IMAC Agarose

Ready-to use His affinity agarose with 100 µm average bead size PureCube 100 INDIGO Ni-AgarosePureCube 100 Ni-NTA AgarosePureCube 100 Co-NTA Agarose
IMAC agaroses for loading with affinity metals

    PureCube 100 NTA AgarosePureCube NTA AgarosePureCube IDA Agarose



PureCube His Affinity Products


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