PureCube Agarose XL

Affinity chromatography is typically done with agarose beads with particle sizes of 40-150 µm. This material is very well suited for gravity flow and FPLC applications. Cube Biotech offers PureCube and PureCube 100 agaroses with a large variety of modifications that cover most applications.


However, for specialized experiments, agaroses with exceptionally large bead sizes (300-500 µm in diameter) can be useful. For example, large beads settle fast by gravity and are therefore useful for automated purification procedures. Please note that due to the significantly different surface:volume ratio, binding capacity is usually lower than for standard sized beads.

PureCube Agarose Affinity Resins




PureCube Agarose XL beads provide:

  Extra large agarose beads for special applications

  High throughput protein purification: Large beads settle fast in 96 well plates

  Binding capacity slightly lower than standard matrices

  Available for His and GST affinity tag purification, and as activated beads

  Rho1D4 and StrepTactin XL beads available on request



PureCube Ni-NTA Agarose



PureCube XL Agarose Affinity Resins

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Size distribution of PureCube, PureCube 100 and XL agaroses

Fig.2: Size distribution of PureCube, PureCube 100 and XL agaroses. Circles represent bead sizes drawn to scale.