PureCube Activated Agaroses

Activated Agaroses are available as off-the-shelf items in quantities from 10 mL to several liters. They can be used to couple molecules of your choice in your laboratory. Our careful in-house production provides low lot-to-lot variation, making activated agaroses also suitable for commercial production.

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Activated Resin

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PureCube Activated Agaroses provide:

  Pre-activated matrices for coupling to proteins, peptides, or antibodies

  Easy to follow protocols and expert technical support

  Highly reproducible synthesis in our own laboratories

  Off the shelf and tailor-made for your applications

  Also available as Activated MagBeads





PureCube Activated Agarose Resins

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PureCube Activated Agarose


  Coupling Chemistry   Coupling mechanism  

Carboxy-activated Agarose


Covalent, via amine groups


NHS-activated Agarose



Fast and easy protocol



Covalent, via amine groups

Easy coupling of antibodies



Epoxy-activated Agarose


Coupling of thermostable proteins and small molecules via amine and thiol

Amine-activated Agarose   direct  


Covalent, via carboxy groups
Maleimide-activated Agarose   direct  


Covalent, via cysteine groups