Ultrapure Detergents

Careful choice of detergents is maybe the most crucial factor when handling membrane proteins. Membrane proteins are in contact with lipidic membranes via large hydrophobic regions. Their extraction requires the use of detergents which possibly interfere with membrane protein structure and function. Different detergents can be optimal for extraction, purification, and crystallization steps.


Cube Biotech offers a range of high quality, >99,5% pure, crystallization-grade detergents at an attractive price. Our detergents are delivered as convenient aliquots that keep fresh and provide optimal performance. Screening sets provide easy testing of a range of detergents. Please contact us if you are interested in bulk amounts or alternative detergents.

Cube Ultrapure Detergents


Available detergents include:

  Class Detergent

Non-ionic detergents

Decyl maltoside (DM)
    Dodecyl maltoside (DDM)
    Octyl glucoside (OG)
    Octyl thioglucoside (OTG)

Lipid-like detergents

Fos-choline 9
    Fos-choline 10
    Fos-choline 11
    Fos-choline 12
    Fos-choline 13
    Fos-choline 14
    Fos-choline 16

Detergent screening Sets