Detergent Screening Sets

Since for each protein, the optimal detergent needs to be screened, and because different detergents can be optimal for extraction, purification, and crystallization steps, Cube Biotech offers detergent screening sets containing small quantities of the most popular detergents at a special discounted price.

All our detergents are of high quality, >99% pure, crystallization-grade. Please contact us if you are interested in bulk amounts or detergents not listed here.

Cube Ultrapure Detergents


Detergent Screening Set Classic:

Dodecyl maltoside (DDM), 1 g

Decyl maltoside (DM), 1 g

Octylglucoside (OG), 1 g

Octylthioglucoside (OTG), 1 g

LDAO, 1 g



Detergent Screening Set Phosphocholines:

Dodecylphosphocholine (Fos-12), 1 g

Tetradecylphosphocholine (Fos-14), 1 g

Hexadecylphosphocholine (Fos-16), 1 g



NEW! Detergent Screening Set 2:

Nonylglucoside (NG), 1 g

Nonylmaltosice (NM), 1 g

Undecylmaltoside (UDM), 1 g

Tridecylmaltoside (TDM) 1 g

CHAPS, 1 g



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Detergent Screening Sets

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