Cube Biotech News

January 2018

Happy New Year! Discover our new products.


October 2017

Nobel Prize for cryo-EM


September 2017

New: Untagged assembled nanodiscs & MSPs!


August 2017

New application note on Malaria POC diagnostics


July 2017

Rho1D4 & high-purity detergents: The complete solution for membrane proteins.


June 2017

Nanodiscs improve resolution in cryo-EM


May 2017

Cube Biotech @AsiaPacific Days, Berlin


May 2017

Cube Biotech in "Laborjournal" (German only)


April 2017

Thank you for seeing us @Experimental Biology in Chicago!


March 2017

New publications for nanodisc&cell-free expression


February 2017

MagBeads for Easy Purification of Secreted Proteins


August 2016

His affinity products for eukaryotic samples


June 2016

Mouse nanodisc proteins for membrane protein antibodies


January 2016

Cube Biotech joins BioRiver


September 2015


Discover Cube's Protein Services!




July 2015

Cell-free lysates and nanodiscs team up to make functional membrane proteins.


August 2014

More success with membrane protein crystallization


January 2014

Cube Biotech partners with international distributors


October 2013

Cube Biotech receives funding from Neuroallianz

July 2013

CubeNews is here! Read the first issue on membrane proteins

May 2013

Best in class Ni-NTA Agarose now available!

April 2013

Finally, a dedicated purification tag for membrane proteins!

Dec 2012

Startup Cube Biotech attracts financing from Creathor Venture