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Cube Biotech presents at Asia Pacific Days in Berlin

15 May, 2017. Cube Biotech and Zenmindes today presented their business model and their joint cooperation at the Asia Pacific Days in Berlin. By invitation from the Chinese Embassy in Germany, Bowen Zhang, Dr. Jan Kubicek, and Roland Gamp presented their views about the situation of small and mid-sized companies, their chances and difficulties in the Chinese market.








About Zenmindes Biotechnology Co. Ltd.:
Zenmindes is Cube Biotech's exclusive distributor in China since 2013. Zenmindes Biotech is mainly specialized in import, agency and sales of international high-end biotech products to China, as well as in cooperation services for international projects. Presently, it has been an enthusiastic supplier for products related to molecular and protein purification. By emphasizing its contractual responsibilities to partners, customers and the society as a whole, Zenmindes has obtained extensive cooperation experience with numerous world-leading biotech companies, as well as research and educational institutions, and has been well recognized by cooperative partners in their long-term stable strategic cooperation relations that have been long established. Upholding innovative philosophies in international business operations, Zenmindes has developed a highly-qualified team to boost its international development strategies; in the meantime, it has progressively brought its brand, market, teams, technologies and management into line with international standards, committing to becoming a bridge linking global high-end biotech products with the bioscience market in China. Read more





About Cube Biotech:

Cube Biotech’s mission is to provide services to the pharmaceutical community that enables the analysis of membrane protein structure and function. Cube Biotech has a well-equipped service laboratory with experienced researchers where membrane proteins are expressed, purified and crystallized. Membrane proteins are stabilized e.g. using nanodiscs and are provided for ligand binding and other biophysical and biochemical studies. At the same time, Cube Biotech produces high quality affinity chromatography materials for protein purification which are used in the company’s service department but also sold to end users. This includes the synthesis of customized, protein-specific affinity matrices which open up new possibilities in protein purification.