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Cube Biotech receives funding from Neuroallianz

30. October, 2013. Cube Biotech today joins the Neuroallianz Consortium as a new industry partner and will receive funding for the functional and structural analysis of an undisclosed human membrane protein target. The Research Center Juelich participates as academic partner in this project. Duration of the project is two years, starting in January 2014. Financial details were not disclosed.

About Neuroallianz:
To foster innovative research in Germany the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF)  launched an initiative titled: "BioPharma: The Strategy Competition for Future Medicines". The Neuroallianz Consortium was 1 of 3 winners of this call by BMBF and has created a novel strategic partnership concept where various academic institutions and companies are working jointly on innovative diagnostic and therapeutic research projects. The aim is to efficiently transform research into benefits for patients. Main focus areas are diagnostics and therapeutics for neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's Disease, Alzheimer's Dementia, or Epilepsy. The Neuroallianz Consortium is funded by BMBF with a total budget of 40 Mio €. As of today industry partners are UCB Pharma GmbH, Life&Brain GmbH, IBL International GmbH, and Cube Biotech GmbH. Academic partners are University of Bonn, University Hospital of Bonn, LVR Clinics Essen/University of Duisburg-Essen, Fraunhofer Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing SCAI, and Research Center Juelich. Link to Neuroallianz webpage

About Cube Biotech:

Cube Biotech’s mission is to provide services to the pharmaceutical community that enables the analysis of membrane protein structure and function. Cube Biotech has a well-equipped service laboratory with experienced researchers where membrane proteins are expressed, purified and crystallized. Membrane proteins are stabilized e.g. using nanodiscs and are provided for ligand binding and other biophysical and biochemical studies. At the same time, Cube Biotech produces high quality affinity chromatography materials for protein purification which are used in the company’s service department but also sold to end users. This includes the synthesis of customized, protein-specific affinity matrices which open up new possibilities in protein purification. Finally, Cube Biotech continues to be engaged in research activities. Currently Cube Biotech with its academic partner, the Research Center Juelich/DESY Hamburg, prepares their first Neuroallianz project.





Startup Cube Biotech attracts financing from Creathor Venture

13. December, 2012. Cube Biotech receives a series-A financing led by Creathor Venture who is joined by local business angels. The recently founded company will use the proceeds to enlarge its product portfolio in the field of production and crystallization of membrane proteins. Parts of the funding are directed to the service business unit, in which the startup will offer services to customers in the pharmaceutical industry through long-term collaborations. Based on an innovative technology, Cube Biotech enables a new approach to structure-based drug design targeting membrane proteins.



Neugegründete Cube Biotech erhält Erstrunden-Finanzierung von Creathor Venture

13. Dezember 2012. Zur Gründung erhält das Monheimer Unternehmen Cube Biotech GmbH eine Erstrunden-Finanzierung von Creathor Venture und lokalen Business Angels.  Die bereitgestellten Finanzmittel wird das junge Unternehmen nutzen, um die Kapazitäten und das Produktportfolio im Bereich der Membranproteinherstellung und -kristallisation auszuweiten sowie das Serviceangebot aufzubauen. Zur weiteren Unternehmensentwicklung strebt die Cube Biotech die Etablierung von langfristigen Kooperationen mit der pharmazeutischen Industrie an, mit dem Ziel,  strukturbasierte Wirkstoffforschung (structure-based drug design) speziell für Membranproteine als Zielmoleküle zu ermöglichen. Weiterlesen...