The Company

Cube Biotech is a privately held company based in Monheim, Germany. Cube Biotech was founded in 2012 by a group of experts in membrane protein biology and organic chemistry. With more than 40 years of experience shared among us, we provide:
  • Excellence in membrane protein expression, purification, and crystallization
  • Expertise in synthesis of standard and tailor-made affinity matrices
  • High-quality products at reasonable pricing
We offer the full range or single packages of membrane protein service from cloning to structure determination, and are building long-term partnerships to pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic organizations.
We produce most of our service consumables ourselves at our facilities in Germany, and sell these quality products at reasonable pricing. In addition, we have partnerships with renowned suppliers. Whatever you find on our website follows the principle: "we use what we sell, and we sell what we use"!
Because we use our own products on a daily basis, we are constantly optimizing our products, services and application protocols. Our philosophy includes maximum transparency, and we share our knowledge, technical hints and tricks with the community.