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Immobilized metal affinity chromatography, or IMAC for short has many applications in the field of proteomics. Among these purposes are:
However these lists might still not cover your purpose and you desire an IMAC product with a coupled metal ion that cannot be found on the market. For this situation Cube Biotech offers its high quality NTA and IDA resin and MagBeads uncoupled to any metal ion. Choose the metal ion you want to couple. Just follow our simple coupling protocol and create the IMAC resin / MagBead you desire.
Note: If you are want us to load a metal ion of your choice, just contact us for our customized agarose resin and MagBead service.

PureCube NTA Agarose from Cube Biotech was successfully used in the following publications:

 Coupled molecule / metal ionPurified substanceYearAuthor
Gallium Phages 2019 Schönberger N., Braun R., Matys S., Lederer F-L., Lehmann F., Flemming K., Pollmann K.1
Gallium Gallium binding Peptides 2021 Schönberger N.2


  1. Schönberger N., et al. Chromatopanning for the identification of gallium binding peptides. Elsevier; Jornal of Chromatography A, Published August 30, 2019
  2. Schönberger N. Identification and characterization of galliumbinding peptides. Dissertation; Faculty of Chemistry and Physics, Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg, Date of Conferment 9th, October 2020
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PureCube Compact Cartridge IDA PureCube Compact Cartridge IDA
Pre-filled IDA agarose cartridges for your customization protein purification or enrichment. Load your desired metal ion!
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