About us

The Cube Biotech team serves the biotech and pharmaceutical community with its expertise on expression, purification, stabilization and functional/structural characterization of proteins. Our projects focus on the pharmaceutically relevant class of membrane proteins. Both products and services are offered:
Our strength - We are service providers as well as manufactures.
A broad range of products for the affinity chromatography of proteins and stabilization of proteins are Cube Biotech manufactured in house at high quality. The product offering is complemented by reagents such as detergents, cell-free expression lysates, nanodisc scaffold proteins, and patented membrane protein crystallization plates. Some particularly relevant membrane proteins (GPCRs) are available as fully characterized preparations. Our services cover the expression, purification, stabilization and crystallization of soluble and membrane proteins for applications like cryo electron microscopy, antibody generation, crystallization and assays.
Research & Development

Our R+D and production site is located in Monheim, Germany, close to Cologne. We serve customers in many countries from here, and also interact closely with our distributors and OEM partners.
Cube Biotech Inc. USA

In 2013, we founded our US subsidiary in Wayne, PA, with a warehouse and customer support team to provide optimal service to our customers in North America.

Whatever we use in our services, we also make available to the community as consumables, accompanied by dedicated protocols and handbooks, tips and tricks for success.
As a small company, we are flexible enough to fulfill most needs for small and large volumes, customized resins and kits. Contact us to see how we can support your membrane protein project.
Still not convinced? Let our managing director Barbara Maertens, PhD explain to you how our services work.