PureCube Ni-IDA Agarose XL

PureCube Ni-IDA Agarose XL
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Our high quality Ni-IDA agarose resin beads are also available in XL size. They may come... more
Product information "PureCube Ni-IDA Agarose XL"
Type: Agarose
Bead size: 400 µm (XL Agarose)
Affinity : His-tag
Purpose: Protein Purification
Ligand: IDA
Coupled Ion: Ni2+

Our high quality Ni-IDA agarose resin beads are also available in XL size. They may come with decreased protein yield compared to 40 µm Ni-IDA counter part , but they make up in flow rate. This comes especially handy when working with very viscous cell lysates.


Usage Specific binding and purification of 6x his-tagged proteins
Specifity Affinity to His-tagged proteins
Binding capacity >20 mg/mL
Chelator stability Stable in buffer containing 10 mM DTT and 1 mM EDTA
Filling quantity Delivered as a 50 % suspension
Bead size 400 μm
Bead Ligand Ni-IDA
Required equipment
  • Lysis Buffer
  • Wash Buffer
  • Elution Buffer
  • Ice bath
  • Refrigerated centrifuge for 50 mL tube (min 10,000 x g)
  • 50 mL centrifuge tube
  • Micropipettor and Micropipetting tips
  • Disposable gravity flow columns with capped bottom outlet, 2 ml
  •  pH meter
  • End-over-end shaker
  • SDS-PAGE buffers, reagents and equipment Optional: Western Blot reagents and equipment
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