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Protocols for protein purification and detection

Nanodisc protocols

Membrane scaffold protein

 MSP1D1 His-taggedMSP1D1MSP1D1-deltaH5 His-taggedMSP1D1-deltaH5MSP1E3D1 His-tagged
Reconstitution of detergent- solubilized membrane proteins using MSPs DMPC POPC DMPC POPC DMPC POPC DMPC POPC DMPC POPC
Nanodisc assembly for cell-free expression reactions - using Nanodisc Assembly Kits DMPC POPC DMPC POPC DMPC POPC DMPC POPC DMPC POPC


Cube Datasheets


Other Affinity AgarosesOther Affinity MagBeadsOther Affinity Cartridges
Rho1D4 Rho1D4 Rho1D4
PureCube Rho1D4 Agarose PureCube Rho1D4 MagBeads PureCube Rho1D4 Cartridges
    PureCube Compact Cartridge Rho1D4
Glutathione Glutathione Glutathione
PureCube Glutathione Agarose PureCube Glutathione MagBeads PureCube Glutathione Cartridges
PureCube Glutathione Agarose XL   PureCube Compact Cartridge Glutathione
StrepTactin StrepTactin StrepTactin
PureCube HiCap StrepTactin Agarose PureCube HiCap StrepTactin MagBeads PureCube HiCap StrepTactin Cartridges
    PureCube HiCap StrepTactin Compact Cartridges
PureCube Alprenolol Agarose    
Activated AgarosesActivated MagBeadsOther Agaroses & MagBeads
    Unloaded IDA and NTA
PureCube Amine Agarose PureCube Amine MagBeads PureCube IDA Agarose
PureCube Carboxy Agarose Pure Cube Carboxy MagBeads PureCube IDA MagBeads
PureCube Epoxy Agarose PureCube Epoxy MagBeads PureCube NTA Agarose
PureCube Maleimide Agarose PureCube Maleimide MagBeads PureCube 100 NTA Agarose
PureCube NHS Agarose PureCube NHS MagBeads PureCube NTA MagBeads
PureCube Thiol Agarose PureCube Thiol MagBeads  
    Hydrophobic Interaction Matrices
    PureCube Butyl Agarose
    PureCube Octyl Agarose
    PureCube Phenyl Agarose
    Ion Exchange Matrices
    PureCube CM Agarose

Nanodisc scaffold proteinsAssembled nanodiscsNanodisc assembly kits
Human Human Human
MSP1D1 dH5-His Nanodisc MSP1D1dH5-His_DMPC MSP1D1 dH5-His_DMPC
MSP1D1 dH5 Nanodisc MSP1D1dH5-His_POPC MSP1D1 dH5-His_POPC
MSP1D1-His Nanodisc MSP1D1dH5-His_DMPG MSP1D1-His_DMPC
MSP1D1 Nanodisc MSP1D1-His_DMPC MSP1D1-His_POPC
MSP1E3D1-His Nanodisc MSP1D1-His_POPC MSP1E3D1-His_DMPC
MSP1E3D1 Nanodisc MSP1D1-His_DMPG MSP1E3D1-His_POPC
MSP2N2-His Nanodisc MSP1E3D1-His_DMPC  
MSP2N2 Nanodisc MSP1E3D1-His_POPC Synthetic Polymers
  Nanodisc MSP1E3D1-His_DMPG DIBMA 10 HEPES
Mouse/Rat Nanodisc MSP2N2-His_DMPC DIBMA 10 TRIS
mouse MSP1D1-His Nanodisc MSP2N2-His_POPC DIBMA 12 HEPES
mouse MSP1E3D1-His Nanodisc MSP2N2-His_DMPG DIBMA 12 TRIS
rat MSP1D1-His Nanodisc MSP1D1dH5-His_DMPC-BIotinyl-PE DIBMA Glycerol in TRIS
rat MSP1E3D1-His Nanodisc MSP1D1-His_DMPC-BIotinyl-PE DIBMA Glycerol in HEPES
  Nanodisc MSP1E3D1-His_POPC-BIotinyl-PE DIBMA Glucosamine in TRIS
  Mouse/Rat DIBMA Glucosamine in HEPES
  Nanodisc mouse MSP1D1-His_DMPC SMALP 1100I
  Nanodisc mouse MSP1D1-His_POPC SMALP 25010S
  Nanodisc mouse MSP1E3D1-His_DMPG SMALP 30010S
  Nanodisc mouse MSP1E3D1-His_DMPC SMALP 40005S
  Nanodisc mouse MSP1E3D1-His_POPC  
  Nanodisc rat MSP1D1-His_DMPC  
  Nanodisc rat MSP1D1-His_POPC  
  Nanodisc rat MSP1E3D1-His_DMPC  
  Nanodisc rat MSP1E3D1-His_POPC  
Purified ProteinsProtein CrystallizationAccessories
Human GPCRs CubeCrystal Plates Columns to fill
GPBAR1/TGR5   PureCube 1-step batch Mini
OPRM1 in nanodisc   PureCube 1-step batch Midi Plus
GLP1R   PureCube Cartridge, 1 mL
NTSR1   PureCube Compact Cartridge, 1 mL
    PureCube Cartridge, 5 mL
Colored membrane proteins Ready-to-use buffers PureCube Compact Cartridge, 5 mL
Bacteriorhodopsin 8 M Urea  
Hs Sensory rhodopsin-1 0.5 M EDTA Antibodies
Hs Sensory rhodopsin-2 10X PBS PentaHis antibody
Np Sensory rhodopsin-2 50X TAE GST antibody
Channelrhodopsin 1 10X TE Rho1D4 antibody
  10X TBE  
Green fluorescent proteins 10X TBS Eluent peptides
eGFP-His   Rho1D4 peptide
StrepTactin® and Strep-tag® are trademarks of IBA GmbH. PureCube StrepTactin Agarose is manufactured by IBA GmbH under German Patent Application No. 42 37 113.9 entitled "Fusion peptides with binding activity for streptavidin"