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AASTYs are a 2022 novel developed series of polymers for membrane protein solubilization &... more
Product information "AASTY 6-45"
AASTYs are a 2022 novel developed series of polymers for membrane protein solubilization & stabilization. AASTY 6-45 gets its name from its molecular weight and its Acrylic Acid : Styrene Ratio (see table 1).

Find out more about AASTY and synthetic nanodiscs

AASTY Screening: Every membrane protein solubilization needs to undergo a screening process in before. The characteristic phospholipid environment surrounding the different membrane proteins in question peforms differently well with each other polymer. Therefore we offer two Screening Kits to test them all.
AASTY structureFig. 1: AASTYs performance compared to other synthetic polymers. Especially at the lower concentration of 0.5% AASTY generally performs better than other polymers.

Table 1: Features

State Lyophilized Powder,
to be solved with water
Molecular Weight 5-6 kDa
Buffer HEPES
pH after solving 7.5
Divalent cationic tolerance 6 mM
Acrylic Acid to Styrene Ratio 45% to 55%
Storage 4°C for long-term
Structure AASTY structureStructure of AASTY

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