GST-eGFP fusion protein, DYKDDDDK-tag

GST-eGFP fusion protein, DYKDDDDK-tag
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Every well-performed experiment needs a positive and negativ controll during its run. THis of... more
Product information "GST-eGFP fusion protein, DYKDDDDK-tag"
Every well-performed experiment needs a positive and negativ controll during its run. THis of course also applies to protein purifications processes. For this purpose we created this GST-eGFP fusion protein, that is tagged with the commonly used FLAG-tag. Therefore, it contains multiple affinity tags and can therefore be used as a positive control for different purification assays. It does contain:
  1. N-Terminal GFP
  2. Multiple cleavage sites
  3. GST-tag, meant for our GST-tag protein purification products
  4. C-Terminal DYKDDDDK-tag


Protein class Beta-barrel; Autofluorescent Protein
Sequence - Sections named from N-Ter to C-Ter GST-tag, Thrombin cleavage site, HRV3C (PreScission) cleavage site, eGFP Spacer, DYKDDDDK-tag
Affinity tags GFP-tag (N-terminus), GST-tag (Middle), FLAG / DYKDDDDK-tag (C-terminus)
Size (kDA) 55.5 kDA
Size (Amino Acid count) 486 amino acids
Excitation maximum 488 nm
Fluorescence maximum 509 nm
Purity >98% as determined by SDS-PAGE (see Datasheet)
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