Customized resins - maximum specificity

Cobra Neurotoxin-3
If commonly used protein tags do not work for your protein purification, you do not have to despair. The solution to your problem lies in the use of protein specific ligands instead of artificially added tags. And we can create the matching agarose resins or MagBeads for your specific purpose. One of our numerous successfull examples (Table 2) in this regard is the coupling of the cobra venom neurotoxin-3 to our agarose resins. This leads to a high-yield and 100% specific purification of the acetylcholine receptor (AChr) from Torpedo california, which the venom is binding to naturally. As we created this purification resin on demand we will also create yours!
overview custom resins
Fig. 1: Overview of some of the molecules and their respective classes we have already sucessfully coupled to either our agarose resins or MagBeads. All combination led to high quality protein purifications.
The applications of customized resins/beads extent to every thinkable possiblity of proteomics and sometimes beyond. Therefore our list of sucessfully coupled molecules to purification beads/resins does of course not stop at the examples given in figure 1. Check the list at the end of this article.

Now, let's create your resin or bead

Table 1: Choose matrix, format and ligand and we will create your custom resin.
1. Choose a matrix
Agarose Magnetic agarose
agarose scheme
Our agarose resin is very homogeneous in size, yielding a high degree of reproducibility between individual purification runs. The cross-linked agarose is physically stable and highly porous for optimal protein interaction.
magnetic agarose
Our ferrimagnetic agarose beads are produced in house and are ideal for extracting proteins from dilute samples or for pull-down experiments.
2. Choose a format
Bulk FPLC Columns
  • Bulk resins are delivered as a 50% suspension in a buffer containing 20% ethanol. Various volumes are available.
  • MagBeads are delivered as a 5% suspension in a buffer containing 20% ethanol. Various volumes are available.
Resins are prepacked in high-quality columns of 1 or 5 mL bed volume, ready to be used on most FPLC workstations.
3. Choose a tag or ligand
The workhorse of tags. Our NTA and IDA resins can be loaded with different metal ions to optimize resin affinity and specificity.
Used to promote recombinant protein folding, this tag binds to glutathionecoupled resins. The resins can also be used for glutathioneinteracting proteins.
A variant of streptavidin, StrepTactin-loaded resins are used to purify strep-tag fusion proteins.
This small, unobtrusive tag binds to antibody loaded resins to purify membrane proteins with high specificity and mild elution conditions.
Your ligand
Protein-specific ligands bind targets in particular oligomeric states, conformations or orientations, enabling specialized applications.
PureCube Tailor-made Resins
Our custom resins are produced within a couple weeks after ordering and/or consultation with our chemistry experts. You lay out the matrix parameters (e.g., ligands, linker, spacer, etc.), and we produce it in the quantities you need.

Resins/MagBeads from scratch - if your needs exceed the common range of the market

Does the customization of your resin go beyond the features listed in table 1? No problem for us. We already have fulfilled numerous requests for even more specialized agarose resins or MagBeads. Table 2 lists the features that we already have successfully incorporated on demand. As you will see there is almost no resin or MagBeads that we cannot create. And afterwards you can state us what your resins should be like.
Table 2: Customized Resins from Cube Biotech. 
Base Materials
Magnetic Agarose Diameters: 15 µm, 30 µm, 90 µm 400 µm, 800 µm
MWCO: from 4 MD up to 20 MD
Agarose Diameters: 40 µm, 100 µm, 400 µm, 800 µm
MWCO: from 150 kD up to 10 MD
Hollow agarose particels -
Hydrogels e.g. Toyopearls for ligand immobilization
Organic Polymers e.g. Dynabeads, Seradyn MagBeads,Luminex particles
Submicron and Nanoparticles 500 nm-sized polymers
coupling of antibodies onto carboxylated nanoparticles
Surfaces e.g. coupling of amino-functionalized ligands onto Pierce amine-binding strip plates
spherical Cellulose/Carbohydrates Diameters: 50 and 100 µm
MWCO 5 kD upto 50 kD
Coupled Molecules
Ligands Alprenolol, Desipramin, Fluoxetedin, Serotonin, Heparin, Insulin, Biotin, Xanthin, Lumochrom, Carnitin, Riboflavin, 2,3-GMP, cAMP, Cyclocitral, AZD 8055, Methylthioadenosin, Nicotinic acid, Pipecolinic acid, Actinonin
Carbon hydrates -
Amino acids protected and non-protected
Peptides Exendin, Endomorphin
Antibodies Rho1D4, FLAG, different others
Proteins -
Klick reagents Tetrazine, Azide
Fluorophors and colorants -
Cholesterol derivatives cholesterol hemisuccinate, ketocholesterol
Binding Chemistries
Many different coupling chemistries amide chemistry, epoxide/amine, maleimide/thiol, reductive amination, thiol/alkene
Spacer from C0 via C6, C11 up to C45
Amino acids protected and non-protected
Peptides -
Antibodies Rho1D4, FLAG, different others
Proteins -
Klick reagents Tetrazine, Azide
Fluorophors and colorants -
Protein-specific purification and pulldown
(Membrane) protein purification
Purification of carbohydrates
Immobilization of DNA/RNA, oligonucleotides
Electron transfer reagents in fuel cells
If you have something else in mind. However small or large the modification, we can probably accommodate it. Let's talk.