Protein Services

As a team of passionate membrane protein scientists, we offer small to mid-scale, non-GMP protein services for a broad range of applications. Individual work packages can be tailored to your specific needs. Download our service brochure to learn more.
Why Cube Biotech's Protein Services?
There are numerous reasons to choose Cube Biotech. Here are a few.
Amount of successfull proteins projects Versatile skills
More than 250 proteins successfully expressed, stabilized and purified!
Time efficiency Time efficient
E.g. 30 mg wild type membrane protein stabilized in nanodisc produced in 10 weeks!
Success where others fail Success where other fail!
95 % success rate for membrane protein expression and stabilization!
International success Internationally approved!
Over 30 projects with „Big Pharma“ completed!

An example of our typical workflow can be seen here. Download it!

Fig. 1: Typical workflow to produce your protein of interest. Contact us to discuss your project with us!

Our service introduction video - learn why we are your best option for membrane protein related projects.


Download our service brochure as a PDF!


Our modules in detail (Click on the green arrow)

         Module 1: Protein Expression
         Module 2: Protein Solubilization
         Module 3: Protein Stabilization
         Module 4: Protein Purification
         Module 5: Protein Characterization
         Module 6: Protein Structure Determination