Protein Services

  • more than 250 proteins successfully expressed, stabilized and purified
  • 30 mg wild type membrane protein stabilized in nanodisc produced in 10 weeks
  • 95 % success rate for membrane protein expression and stabilization
  • over 30 projects with „Big Pharma“ completed
Protein Service Service Brochure
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As a team of passionate membrane protein scientists, we offer small to mid-scale, non-GMP protein services for a broad range of applications. Individual packages can be tailored to your specific needs. Please click on the fields below to learn more about our offering. Download our service brochure to learn more.

An example of our typical workflow can be seen here. Click to download it.

Workflow Service
Fig. 1: Typical workflow to produce your protein of interest. Contact us to discuss your project with us!
As a first step we find the right expression system for your protein. We use the Baculovirus in Sf9 or T. ni (High FiveTM) insect cells (up to 50 L scale) expression system, BacMam system in HEK 293 suspension cells (up to 30 L scale) and of course E. coli-based cell-free expression system in combination with different stabilization systems.
Expression systemAdvantagesAmount of purified proteinImage
Cell free expression system:
  • For toxic proteins
  • For direct stabilization and solulbilization of membrane proteins
Highest among our expression systems. Cell Free Image
Baculovirus Insect system
  • Near mammalian like post-translational modifications
  • Easy to handle eucaryotic expression system.
Higher than mammalian cell lines Baculovirus Insect Cell System
Hek293 cells Authentic mammalian protein expression. Lowest of the three, but with highest authenticity among our systems. Hek293 cells
For solubilization we offer synthetic copolymers (DIBMA, 100 % detergent-free) and high purity detergents. We can stabilize your protein with synthetic copolymers, amphipols, nanodisc or any other solution that fits your individual project.
Cube Biotechs provides different kinds of protein services. Your specific service is not in the list? Don´t worry our expertes will give you a solution for your problem. Feel free to contact us!

We purify your protein for your application


We provide highly purified, monodisperse membrane protein samples for Cryo-Electron Microscopy and organize your project in feedback loops to optimize your sample quality for resolution in cryo-EM. The close collaboration with network partners for cryo-EM measurement ensures an optimal solution for your cryo-EM application.
We can stabilize your membrane protein in nanodiscs or copolymers for diagnostic assay development, SPR ligand screening or ELISA binding studies.
For your antigen to raise antibodies against membrane proteins we have nanodiscs from different species (mouse, rat, alpaca) to minimize background.
To carry out protein crystallization we can produce sufficient protein to optimize protein crystallization and protein:ligand cocrystallization conditions. When needed we can do the complete characterization and protein struture solving for you.
You need membrane proteins for following applications? Click on the pictures below to contact us:
Antibody Generation
Ligand Screening
Protein Crystallization